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Thinkware F800 Pro

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If you are looking for the best of the best parking mode dash cams, look no further than the F800 Pro. It is the latest and greatest from Thinkware and builds on the F800 platform. Available with an optional rear camera, the F800 Pro offers a fully featured and refined dash cam setup.

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Thinkware F800 PRO
Thinkware F800 PRO
The F800 PRO brings new features and amazing recording quality to the dash cam market, all in a sleek, stealthy and compact package.

The new F800 utilizes Ambarella’s A12 chipset to achieve it’s spectacular recording quality on both front and rear channels. This is the highest recording quality possible on a 2 channel dash camera. With the F800 PRO, you’re also getting a more efficient parking mode, and also 128GB SD Card support.

Key Features:

  • 1080p front and rear recording
  • Built in WiFi for reviewing footage and settings
  • Built in GPS
  • Red light/Speed camera alerts
  • Ambarella A12A55 chipset – Perfectly tuned for the F800
  • Sony STARVIS exmor R IMX291 Image sensor @ 2.1MP, 140°
  • Advance Driver Assistance System (Red light and Speed camera alerts)
  • Super Night Vision 2.0
  • Super Capacitor & High-Temperature Cut-off
  • 128GB SD Card Support

The night time video quality is very impressive with the Sony STARVIS sensors (front + rear) and Ambarella A12 chipset and among the best of the 2 channel systems. It has the lowest energy consumption out of any Full HD + Full HD parking mode setup. It has parking mode priority in the partition settings which dedicates almost half the memory card for parking mode. And it has an incredibly discreet design so you can feel confident in leaving it in your vehicle overnight. With the pro model there are some further refinements like the all black body, 128GB card support, and Thinkware’s version of a cloud feature, Thinkware Cloud.

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