REXING S300 Dash Cam

REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro with 1080P Advanced Car Dash Cam Review

REXING S300 Dash Cam
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A car dash cam is a feature-rich camera at an affordable price. As its popularity spreads among families, road trippers, and adventurers, they can use its hands-free capabilities for making stellar recordings. A dash cam, in ways, provides more safety in a vehicle, making sure the driver keeps all eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. And with today’s generation attempting to record a trip on a cell phone that has limited storage and limited resolution, drivers risk their safety using a hand-held device and don’t receive the final product they want.

The REXING S300 1080P Dash Cam Pro is an affordable investment that still offers excellent quality. This device is fascinatingly versatile, making it fit easily into any vehicle. It also offers full HD recording creating crystal clear quality, so that drivers can relive every experience. This unbeatable device offers full angle coverage through a true 170-degree viewing angle. With this feature the dash cam can capture maximum visibility of the road trip getting every sight and experience all around the car, not leaving out a single detail.

In more practical circumstances, the dash cam’s WDR (wide dynamic range) assists during times of accident-prone emergencies to capture things like driver aggression and theft. Because of its secure and easy to install capabilities, buyers find it way easier to function than many other car video recording devices. Making the recording process more secure than ever, the REXING S300 1080P Dash Cam is provided with a secure and permanent mounting pad for those uncalled-for circumstances. The best feature of all is the dash cam’s high-quality night vision that enables clear recordings in poor lighting conditions.

Product Features:

  • G-sensor detection feature
  • HD quality video (1920×1080)
  • Night vision
  • Rotatable lenses
  • 30 fps with H.264
  • 170-degree angle
  • Supports up to 128GB
  • Rexing S300

Product Specifications:

The small, compact size makes the full HD recording seem impossible. But with its ability to record at 1080p, the REXING S300 1080P Pro creates impeccable pictures. With its 170-degree angle lens, this car cam will be able to capture every detail of every trip.

From the colors of beautiful sunsets, interesting wildlife run-ins, and breath-taking views, the Nikon lens will compliment it all with its amazing pictures. This dash cam can capture every moment from every angle with outstanding quality.

Another important capability is that this car cam contains a sensitive G-sense ability and auto lock to detect auto accidents and locks associating footage to memory. And to top it all off, the REXING S300 1080P Dash Cam Pro has superior night vision with a world best f2.4 six-glass lens. This ability will capture anything in any form of light, ensuring a car’s safety and capturing every bit of scenery in any lighting.

The car cam can also record stellar video with detailed highlights and shadowing that allow it to produce ultra HD video footage. These features are both beneficial for security and pure enjoyment reasons.


  • MSDS report safety features
  • Quality night vision
  • Unique WDR
  • Emergency lock and accident auto detection
  • 128GB storage
  • Permanent mounting strap
  • HD video
  • Records hands-free in a continuous loop


  • Only one year warranty
  • Included SD card only 16 GB

Is Rexing S300 Pro the Right One?

The unbeatable price and features make the REXING S300 1080P Pro seem unreal. The 1080p recording makes an excellent display on any sized screen creating real-life pictures and excellent on-screen colors. The three self-adhesive clips and windshield mounts hold the camera still and secure it to withstand any abrupt movements making sure your recording quality won’t be affected.

The 128GB SD card serves many purposes like having longer recording capacity, protecting a vehicle longer, less frequent SD card changes, and gives drivers a sense of security when not in the vehicle. The recording abilities contain a 30 FPS, which catches more of the image giving viewers multiple angles and the best possible view. This can also benefit drivers for security reasons because the rate of the FPS ensures that every moment is captured. And with its small and versatile shape, this dash cam fits behind the rear-view mirrors to conceal it.

We thought this device was an extremely well-balanced model that does everything it needs to do to be a reliable model. To have a dash cam in your car that you can trust to be there for you in times of trouble, you can’t go wrong in purchasing the REXING S300 1080P Dash Cam Pro today!

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