Pyle DVR Recorder: Best Dash Cam For Truckers

Pyle DVR Recorder: Best Dash Cam For Truckers

Pyle Dash Cam
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Truckers can have it tough. Your big vehicles can cause more damage than a smaller one, and you’re often blamed for accidents, even if it’s not your fault. Because you have the bigger vehicle, you may often be accused of causing an accident, simply because of your truck’s size.

With the price of fuel and the rates that you already have to pay for with your insurance, false claims are not fun. Just because you have the bigger truck doesn’t mean that you caused a collision. Unless there are witnesses, it can often be a headache to convince the police and insurance companies that you are in fact innocent.

A product that can help to get you out of a pickle is a semi-truck dash cam. Smaller dash cams just won’t cut it when it comes to your big vehicle, so you need something that can do the job. A back up camera system for trucks can provide you with the proof you need to stay out of insurance trouble.

An ideal option for a rear view camera system is the Pyle Dash Cam Recorder. It’s both attractive and dependable. Take a look and see if it’s the right one for you.

Quick Overview

With a 50’ cable, you can easily set it up in your large truck. Also, the Pyle Dash Cam can be used with up to 4 cameras at a time, which you can view on the monitor. This is ideal for those who always want to see any and every angle while on the road. It also makes it easy to install, which is always great when you want to invest in a dash cam. At 7 inches, the display on the Pyle Dash is large enough for you easily see what’s going on in the rearview camera. The size of the monitor will help you to be able to clearly see what is happening as if it were a rearview mirror. While this display would be too big for a small vehicle, for a semi, it’s exactly the size that you would want.

The wide angle at 170-degrees is ideal for getting a broad view of the road. The lens is also angle adjustable, so you can always get the view that you need. The IR with external lights will help you to get good night vision quality.

LED lights make all the difference in you being able to get clear footage at night. At 1080p HD, the resolution on the Pyle is reliable enough for you to make out details in the day or night.

This wireless backup camera for truck also ensures that your footage is saved upon collision. With a G-sensor, it will ensure that you never lose the most important video. It also has a manual crisis bolt catch for added protection.

Because your camera will be placed outside of the vehicle, you want it to keep working rain or shine. As a waterproof option, you can depend on it, no matter the weather. With a remote control, you can easily control the camera without having to pull over and fool around with it. It also has a sun visor monitor hood for added safety and clear footage.

You don’t have to worry about turning it off and on when you get out of your vehicle, as the Pyle turns off and on whenever the engine is turned off and on. Something to consider is that the Pyle doesn’t have a parking mode option.

If you’re someone who drives a semi truck, you may not have much time to get around to downloading footage to your PC. This is where the Pyle’s loop recording comes in handy. All you have to do is set it and it will automatically delete old files to make room for new ones. This ensures that it will always record whenever and wherever.

If you need a heavy-duty camera that can provide you with the clear footage you need for proof, this is definitely an ideal option. Offered at a fair price for its quality and accessories, it’s definitely a good choice for the trucker who is tired of false claims.

Pyle DVR Recorder


  • It has good resolution for clear day and night footage
  • It is easy to set up, which helps to save you time
  • ​It is reasonably priced for the quality and accessories offered
  • It includes a remote control for easy controlling


  • The monitor tends to get hot, so you will want to make sure it isn’t exposed to strong sunlight
  • The camera may arrive fault recording reversed view

Top Features

Whether you are road tripping in a motorhome or driving a truck for your job, a truck dash cam is important. While you may prefer one option over another, there are certain features that you won’t want to go without. Check out the most important features for your truck dash cam below:


As a trucker, you may not always see behind your vehicle as well as you could in a small car. On normal dash cameras, you have the display and camera in one gadget. Since you can’t see behind your trailer when driving a semi, you will want to have a display to observe what’s going on in the rearview camera.

The Pyle has a great monitor that allows you to split the screen for several cameras and is big enough to view clearly. The camera itself is set on the back of your trailer. While people often look for subtle cameras for small cars, you want a big monitor for your semi.

Waterproof/ Sun Protection

Because the camera will be exposed to the elements, you need it to be waterproof. If you’re looking for a dash cam for a truck, always make sure that it has waterproof protection. The waterproof protection feature on the Pyle ensures that you can get quality footage, no matter what.

Another good feature on the Pyle is a sun visor. The sun visor helps to keep the camera safe from the harsh sun while driving long distances. It also helps with the quality of the footage.


Because the camera will be placed outside your vehicle, quality is highly important. A camera that is poor quality will not last long, with wind, rain, and sun shining on it. You want one that is built to last. Both the exterior quality and footage quality on the Pyle are dependable. While the Pyle has been known to provide jumpy footage every once in a while, for the most part it offers good recording, both day or night.

Controls/Night Vision

Obviously if your camera is set on the back of the trailer, it will be very hard for you to control it from your driver’s seat. This is where having the proper controls is important. The Pyle has a remote control so that you can easily control the rearview camera and any other camera that you may set up.

The Pyle also has good resolution which ensures that if you want to get good footage, even at night, you can. Not every camera offers decent night footage, but the Pyle does.


When collisions happen, you want to be able to get the footage for the proof you need. It can be a hassle to make sure that it has been saved at the moment that the accident happens. You have to worry that everyone is okay, assess damage, and think about other things. No worries; the G-sensor will save the footage for you automatically if and when you’re in an accident.

Loop Recording

Busy people may not have much time to save old footage or download it to their PC. Unless you need to save certain footage, with a camera like the Pyle, there is no need to fuss about it. The Pyle does it for you with loop recording. It will automatically delete older footage to make room for new recordings.

For busy truckers, you just don’t have time to be downloading old footage while on the road. Whether you choose the Pyle or another option, always make sure that it has loop recording.

Why Do You Want A Dash Cam?

If you’re still on the fence about getting a dash cam, there are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea. The following reasons are just a few things that may make you want to get one at the first chance you get:

  • With a semi-truck, it’s hard to see behind you. It’s a fact that as great as your side mirrors may be, there is nothing like being able to see what’s going on in a rearview mirror. With a trailer blocking the view, it can be a bit hard to do.This is where a dash camera like the Pyle can help. It will provide you with the clear view you need to see what’s going on behind you. While you may have invested in a camera to avoid false claims, it can even help you to avoid accidents.
  • Is it legal in your state? If it’s legal where you live, you may want to invest in one. It can help you to stay safe in more ways than one. You may want to double check where you can legally use it to avoid fines and trouble. If you’re a professional trucker, you may drive through many states, but for the most part, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Are you driving an RV? You don’t need to drive a semi to own a semi truck dash cam. If you are road tripping in a motorhome, it can be just as useful. The big monitor can help to serve as some sort of rearview mirror in conjunction with the dash cam.It’s just one more way to stay safe while on the road and will help you to be able to see things you typically wouldn’t.
  • Are you willing to spend a bit for a good option? The Pyle offers good quality footage and plenty of necessary accessories. While it may be above the typical cost of a tiny, no-display camera, it has everything you need for using with a semi.A hundred plus dollars for a camera that will give you what you need in terms of footage is worth the initial investment. Plus, it not only serves to record what’s going on, but it can also help you to drive better, which will help you avoid accidents in the first place.
  • Are you tired of false claims? If you’ve been through this experience before, you know how annoying it can be. Other than having witnesses around you any time you have an accident, it is the one way that you can be sure to have proof. You shouldn’t have to accept the fault (and the money) for somebody else’s mistake.


The Pyle is definitely in the running for best dash cam for truckers and is worth considering. It promises good quality and features for a decent price. You won’t break the bank investing in it, but you will most likely save money using it.

There are several options on the market for truck drivers, but this product certainly offers plenty of pros over cons. It may not be the fanciest option, but if a good price and good quality are what you need, the Pyle is ideal. Does it have all the features that you would want in your rearview camera system?

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