OUCOMI Car Dash Cam Review

OUCOMI Car Dash Cam Review: Loop Recording Blackbox For HD Quality Recordings

OUCOMI Car Dash Cam
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Oh, the woes of getting in a car accident. Whether it’s a major one or a small collision, there is no doubt that your world gets turned upside down after a car accident takes place. From the insurance claims to the minor injuries that may have taken place, life takes a while to get back to normal.

What may even make it worse is if you’re being blamed for something that was not your fault. It happens time and time again. The guilty party in an accident will do anything they can to avoid the trouble of insurance and money, and they often end up pointing the finger at those who are not at fault.

If it’s happened to you, you know what a big headache it is to deal with insurance claims and fight for months trying to prove your innocence. Who has time for that?

Unless you have witnesses that come forward, how are you supposed to prove you aren’t at fault? Well, this is where owning and having a dash cam installed in your vehicle can be a smart move. If it’s legal in your state, you may want to stop what you’re doing and go buy one now.

But, wait. We have an opinion on one that may work well for you. It’s the OUCOMI Car Dash Cam. As a black bock dvr dash cam, it’s ideal for recording accidents and also being a way to record while on long, adventurous road trips. Below you’ll find the most pertinent information concerning this product.

OUCOMI Car Dash Cam, HD 1080P WiFi Driving Recorder

Quick Overview

The OUCOMI is a g sensor dash cam that can be used both in the day and at night. With full HD 1080, this option captures clear, quality and all the details you need. The 2.45 LTPS screen allows you to easily see what’s been recorded. You can also set the resolution which is ideal for making sure that you get good, clear footage, should you need it.

With loop recording, you can be sure that your camera will delete old footage while keeping recent recordings. This ensures that you get accidents, should they happen. Just make sure that you have it on the cycle recording setting, as it won’t save files if not.

The OUCOMI also comes with built-in WiFi, so you can easily check out footage form your phone. You can also control it from your phone if need be and you can edit the footage on your phone as well. It’s one of the more phone-friendly dash cams out there.

The G-Sensor Lock means that if an accident happens, the camera has the sensitivity to lock the recording so you don’t lose the footage. This is extremely important for people who are investing in a dash cam for insurance purposes. It will automatically save your footage when it senses a collision or crash. This is a feature that you should always look for when shopping for a dash cam.

The OUCOMI also has a light enhancement algorithm, which means that you can get good, clear footage, even at night. Things can happen in the day or night, so this is an attractive feature for many.

It also has a WDR (wide dynamic range) which helps the camera to work well when there isn’t a lot of light. It will adjust the exposure to ensure that you always get clear footage, even when it’s dark. Many times, those with daylight cameras will try to use them at night. But, you won’t be able to prove anything to your insurance company if the footage is grainy. This is why WDR is so important for night footage.

While the camera isn’t the type that blends in it effortlessly, it isn’t too big and bulky that it gets in the way. Finally, the OUCOMI is accessible when it comes to pricing and won’t put a whole in your pocket.


  • It works well in daylight and nighttime
  • ​It has a special feature for getting nighttime footage
  • ​It’s an affordable option
  • ​It has loop recording
  • It has a G-sensor for locking footage at accidents


  • It doesn’t blend in
  • It doesn´t have a very large display for viewing

Specs That You May Appreciate

The OUCOMI Car Dash Cam has some attractive features that you may like and may be missing others. There are as many kinds of dash cameras as there are cars, but many of them have similar factors that are important for optimal use. Following are the features that many people look for in their dash cam:


The OUCOMI has loop recording and can also record video files of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Loop recording is important, because it can ensure that you get more recent footage and deletes older footage automatically. The OUCOMI also has a G-Sensor which is super attractive as it means that any footage recorded at an accident will automatically be saved. This is key in helping you to prove your innocence with insurance companies.


Some cameras are slim and smooth and blend in with your rearview mirror. Unfortunately, the OUCOMI isn’t one of them. Fortunately, it isn’t bulky and won’t get in your way while driving. Some people like options that are easy to hide, whether because of laws in their city or because they don’t like people knowing that they’re recording. If this matters to you, you may not like the style of the OUCOMI.


The OUCOMI can be powered by plugging it into the USB outlet in your car. This means that it can be powered while your car is on. While it does have an internal battery, it isn’t the best and should only be used for emergency recordings. The OUCOMI includes a USB data cable. Unless, you really want a camera that you can use when the car isn’t on, this is a pretty good option and straightforward way of powering your camera.


The OUCOMI has a display window for you to be able to see the footage, but it isn´t the biggest. It’s best to view recordings on an app on your phone so you can see it more clearly. While you don’t really need to pay attention to it while you’re driving, it does have a little window that shows what it’s recording while you’re on the road.

Footage Clarity

This option has a max resolution of 1920 x 1080/30fps which means that it can get pretty clear footage. It also has special features to ensure that you can get clear footage at night. Not every camera offers such clarity in night footage, so this is an ideal factor about the OUCOMI. It plays around with exposure to ensure good recording in low-light settings.


You can control the dash cam from your phone or from the camera itself. It’s typically easier to control it from your phone while on the road, although you should make sure that this type of use is limited.

Special Settings

The OUCOMI has some unique settings that make it easy to stay on top of the footage quality. For example, you can adjust the resolution of the footage for days when visibility isn’t too great. You can also use your phone for controlling settings, and you can also take photos with this camera.

Should you get into an accident, you can immediately take pictures of the position of the cars before anyone moves. This can be key in proving to your insurance company that it is impossible for you to be at fault.

Is It For You? Things To Consider

You may be interested in the OUCOMI at first glance. It’s a good camera. Is it for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are dash cameras legal in your state? Different states have laws regarding the use of a dash camera. Some flat out don’t allow it. Others allow visual recordings, but audio isn’t legal. In some places, you have to have written agreement from your passengers to be able to use it.Before buying this camera, you will want to find out if you can use it in your state. It’s a very obvious camera, so it’s definitely not something that you can hide and you shouldn’t if it’s illegal. Fines could be much more than forking out money in a collision.
  • Are you looking for one to protect you from theft? While the OUCOMI has an internal battery, you shouldn’t depend on it to stay recording throughout the night. It will run out quickly and should be saved for emergencies.
  • Do you want one that works at night or only need it for daytime use? Not every dash cam records footage at night. At least, not clear footage. So, this is a factor that you may want to consider about the OUCOMI. It has some of the best exposure and resolution for nighttime use.
  • Do you need something to keep you safe? All kinds of things happen in this day and age. Whether you get pulled over by an officer or you are worried about being approached by aggressive panhandlers, you may want some kind of protection.A dash cam can be useful in areas where its legal to keep a “witness of events.” While you hopefully will never need it for these reasons, knowing that you have the ability to “catch everything on tape” can help you to feel more at ease.
  • How much are you willing to spend on your camera? This baby offers plenty of decent features while remaining an affordable option. But, if you want something that is a bit fancier, you may need to spend more. If you want a budget-friendly dash cam that is quality with important features such as loop recording and G-sensor, this is the one for you.
  • Have you been in accident recently and were accused of being at fault? If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know how easy it is to be accused of being the responsible one—even if you aren’t. You may raise your voice, do your best to convince insurance companies that you aren’t, or try to appeal to the guilty party’s conscience.But, when someone wants to get out of having to pay, they’ll do what they can. This is where a camera can really come in handy. It can completely switch things to your favor when you are innocent. Because the OUCOMI has loop recording and a G-sensor feature, it will always record an accident. So, all you have to do is show the footage and voila, you aren’t at fault anymore.


The OUCOMI isn’t perfect, but it has some top features that many people look for. If you don’t need something that records at all times but that can get good nighttime and daytime footage taken while you’re driving, this is it.

It’s not for those who want a camera that can’t be easily seen, but it will work well in states where dash cams are legal. If you don’t mind it being extremely obvious, you’ll appreciate all the other features that it has.

It has special settings that make it easy to control and it doesn’t cost a lot. If you want an affordable camera that will work well for the most part, choose the OUCOMI. It’s definitely one of the best for what it offers. It isn’t fancy and sleek, but it is a cute, small camera that records quality footage. What else do you need? Safe driving!

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