ITrue X3 Advanced Dash Cam Review

ITrue X3 Advanced Dash Cam Review

ITrue X3 Advanced Dash Cam
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A car dash cam is an affordable accessory that suits every vehicle. Its popularity grows with adventurers, road trippers, and families. A dash cam is handy for vehicle safety, providing ultimate protection features through its recording abilities and auto accident detection. To keep drivers from recording a trip on a cell phone that has limited resolution and storage, and to prevent them from risking their safety using a handheld device, the dash cam is a hands-free accessible recorder with ultimate resolution and storage.

The Itrue X3 2.7 Inches LCD Dash Cam offers so much for so little. This device is hard to beat with its full HD video, auto recording, unbeatable storage, excellent night vision features, WDR video system capabilities, all in one device. Sitting in the middle of our list, the unique camera surface that is a stitched leather-style makes it unlike any other dash cam. This leather-style surface can cut reflections, so it helps better the recording quality even more. Now offering night vision in this sleek design, it benefits drivers in two ways; ultimate car protection and good-recording-quality in all types of lighting.

With a six-layer night glass lens and WDR (wide dynamic range), all accidents or theft incidents will be captured without missing a single detail in full clarity. The ITrue X3 2.7 Inches LCD has a true 170-degree viewing angle with an auto recording that can capture maximum visibility of road trip scenery and every moment of the drivers’ experience all around the car. The best feature this dash cam holds is the automatic recording abilities that don’t require a single touch to turn on.

Product Features:

  • Start/stop recording automatically after turning off car ignition
  • HD video at 1920×1080
  • 30 FPS
  • 170-degree recording angle
  • G-sensor
  • Six layers of glass lens night vision
  • WDR video system
  • Leather-style front
  • Endless looping mode
  • 2.7 inch 4:3 LCD

Product Specifications:

ITrue X3 Dash Cam

Offering such a wide variety of benefits for such an affordable price, the specs for the Itrue X3 2.7 Inches LCD Dash Cam truly are remarkable. The ability to record with a video resolution OF 1080FHD 1920X1080 ensures buyers to receive satisfaction with video quality. From road trip adventures to surprise accidents, this dash cam’s resolution provides top visibility so that drivers can re-live every experience with its 170-degree lens.

And don’t forget about the WDR technology, capturing every angle in each frame. This dash cam doesn’t stop there; with the memory card support of 8 GB Micro SD card provided with the car cam, buyers can immediately start their video recording journey. Forget the hassle of going to another store to purchase an SD card, start recording today.

Not to mention, the automatic recording capabilities is what makes this device in the top 15. Once the car ignition is cut off the dash cam immediately turns off, and the same when the car is turned on the cam begins recording immediately.


  • File format video MOV
  • Motion detection
  • USB support
  • Operating temperature of 10 degrees to 140 degrees.
  • Car charging cable
  • Emergency lock button
  • Accident auto detection


  • Supports only 32GB Micro SD
  • Only offers a one year warranty

Is ITrue X3 the Right One?

A product like the Itrue X3 2.7 Inches LCD Dash Cam is hard to come by. The 1920×1080 full-HD resolution allows buyers to view their recordings on any sized screen and still receive quality results. This feature makes the re-watching experience enjoyable with friends and family. The AR0330 six-layer glass night vision provides ultimate recordings in all shades of light, so there is no need to fret about car security at night.

With the endless looping mode, the device works automatically without a single touch making it easy to record constantly and providing a hands-free experience. This dash cam comes with an in-car charging cable, mounting holder, USB cable, and an 8 GB Micro SD card making the getting started process easy by providing buyers with everything they need. The Itrue X3 2.7 Inches LCD Dash Cam has all the features and even the looks most devices don’t.

While it may receive backlash for the small micro SD, short battery life, and the poor-working suction mount, the praise this product receives outweighs any negatives. We are pleased to include this excellent piece of machinery on our list, and we are certain you’ll have peace of mind when you have it hanging in your car. To help make your decision and purchase easier, click to buy through our trusted supplier today!

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