Best Waterproof Motorcycle Camera

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Camera: Introducing FabQuaity Dash Cam For Ease Of Use

FabQuaity Waterproof Mini Camera SQ12 HD
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What could be the most annoying thing that could happen while on the road? Running out of gas may be one thing, but what else can you think of? For many, it would be getting into an accident, but not only the accident itself.

False insurance claims happen. Whether the other person involved is broke and wants to avoid dishing out more money or they just don’t have a healthy conscience, false claims are annoying.

If you don’t want to have to pay a higher rate at your insurance company for an accident that you didn’t cause, there is a solution. A motorcycle camera can help to capture footage that can save you from dishonest people.

A waterproof video camera is the best option for those who bike and who want to have proof for their insurance companies. Another great factor when choosing a waterproof camera is that it can be used for more than just use on the road. If you travel often and want a versatile camera, you may be surprised at how a dash cam can help.

If you’re ready to invest in a device that will protect you and provide you with some fun footage, consider a camera like the FabQuaity Waterproof Mini Camera.

Quick Overview

This camera offers some great features for a highly affordable price. First of all, it’s design is superb for using on a motorcycle. Its compact size makes it easy to install on your handle bar or on your helmet as well. This easy to use design also makes it ideal for use in your favorite extreme sport or exercise activity. Because it’s small, you can easily wear it on you for a run or while cycling.

When it comes to being able to get as much coverage in your footage as possible, the FabQuaity shines. It has 150A wide angle lens, so you can get quite a broad view of your surroundings. This is important in capturing details should an accident happen.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Camera

The Full HD action cam also ensures great resolution, so that you can depend on the camera to capture all the details you need. Good resolution means license plates are clear enough to read, and this really is what is important for protecting you against false insurance claims.

The 16 GB SD card that comes with the motorcycle dash cam is enough to get you started with recording. It also has a USB reader for easy connecting.

The 12 Megapixel camera can also be depended on for night time recording. Because it’s harder to get details at night, you want night vision that you can trust, and this option does a good job at it with 1080P HD vision. Because so many options fail when it comes to good night vision, the FabQuaity stands out as a dependable option for those who want clear footage, day or night.

The real-time motion detection is a convenient feature that isn’t always found on dashboard cameras. It will record upon demand when motion is detected, making it ideal for use in parking lots while running errands.

Because driving a motorcycle on a daily basis sometimes means riding in the rain, you may wonder if this camera is going to last. Fortunately, it’s a waterproof video camera that can hold up to rainfall. The waterproof shell body helps out, as does the waterproof shell base support and clamp. Oh, and let’s not forget the waterproof strap buckle as well. There is no way, water is getting into this beauty. You can even submerge this camera to up to 30 meters of water, making it an extremely versatile camera.

Do you feel that the 16 GB SD card isn’t large enough for your needs? Perhaps you don’t want to be fussing around with footage. This camera can use 32 GB extensions, so that you can always have space for capturing the unexpected.

With a large capacity lithium battery, this camera can keep recording even when it’s not plugged in. This is an important feature, as it’s tricky to plug in a camera on a motorcycle. Also, this feature allows you to use it for more than just on your motorcycle. You can easily use it for recording while on a trip to a new destination or bring it with you on a dive.

With loop cycle recording, you can trust the camera to delete old footage to make room for new recordings. This helps to make life easier for you and ensures you get accident footage, should a collision occur. It may not be the best motorcycle camera, but it’s certainly in the running.


  • It has loop recording, so you never miss new footage
  • It’s waterproof, which makes it ideal for motorcycle use
  • ​It can be used with a 32 GB SD card, so you can have plenty of room for recording
  • ​It’s highly affordable, so you can buy it on a budget
  • It’s made from quality materials, so you can trust it to last for months to come


  • It’s very small, which some people may not like
  • It isn’t the best for use in cars, so it may only work for bikers and recreational use

Important Benefits To Consider

As you consider the FabQuaity for your go-to motorcycle dash cam, you will want to consider certain features. Choosing the right option largely depends on what you want to use it for. As you determine what you are looking for, you can more easily make a decision. Whether you choose this beauty or go for another, keep these features in mind:


If you’re looking for an option for your motorcycle, you need to consider size. A large dash cam with a display is not that necessary for motorcycle use—especially if you’ll be wearing the camera on your helmet.

While the FabQuaity may seem too small for some people, it’s small size makes it really easy to use. You don’t have to worry about it being too heavy to wear on your helmet. It’s easy to pack with you, no matter where you go. And, because it’s such a dependable waterproof camera, the small size means you can take it with you on vacation for fun pictures.

Loop Recording

Loop recording helps you to be able to forget about fussing with the camera. It deletes old footage to make room for more, so unless you have footage you want to keep, you can just forget about it.

If you do want to keep old footage, the camera includes a data line and SD card for easy downloading onto your PC.

Waterproof Protection

When it comes to looking for a dash camera for your motorcycle, waterproof features are super important. What makes this FabQuaity special is that it has better waterproof resistance than many options.

It can hold up to heavy rain and even be used for swimming or snorkeling. This factor alone makes it one of the most versatile dash cameras that you’ll ever find.


Quality is what matters most, because if it’s not built to last, it won’t. The FabQuaity is a sturdy little camera that stands up to use and will provide you with plenty of months of recording. From its waterproof case to its sturdy build, this camera won’t easily break. This option has many components that make it stand out as dependable option and if you want to find one that will last for a long time, for a good price, this is a top choice.


You want your camera to include the essentials, such as the buckle and clamps, base, and more. The FabQuaity has everything you need to be able to start using it right out of the box. While a 32 GB SD card is not included, you can easily start off with the 16 GB SD card in the meantime. Because it has nearly everything you may need at a low price, it allows some financial freedom to invest in some other cool contraptions, such as a chest strap.

Motion Detection

Because this camera has a battery, it can be used for motion detection when you’re not around. The only thing to consider is that it may attract attention on your motorcycle. If you can figure out how to keep it from getting stolen, this camera can record any hit and run that could happen, so you can find the person responsible for damaging your beautiful bike.

This feature also helps it to be used as a trusty option for in-home use. If you want to use it to record while you’re away, this motion detection feature is attractive.

Video Quality

Above, we mentioned quality. You want the exterior to be up to par with the stress put on it as you ride on the open road. But, what about the interior? Or rather, the video quality. It’s very important to consider how well the footage will turn out.

After all, if you’re using it for proof, you want the footage to be clear enough to see details like license plates and faces. The FabQuaity has dependable resolution that allows you to capture details both in the day and even at night. The wide lens also ensures that you get a broad view, so there’s no doubt about who caused the accident.

The video quality on the FabQuaity also makes it reliable for filming recreational experiences.

What Can It Be Used For?

While it is a dash camera, it’s construction and features make it a feasible option for other types of use. The following are some activities that it can be used for:

  • Biking: If you happen to cycle in some pretty beautiful places, you could want to use a camera to capture the view. This option is small enough to be worn on your and taken with you anywhere.
  • Four-wheeling: Because this dash cam was made for use on a motorcycle, you can rest assured it does a good job at recording, even when there’s plenty of vibration. Do you want to capture your four wheeling adventures? This is a reliable choice.
  • Skiing: You may want to consider using this camera with a strap around your chest, but it’s definitely one that can hold up to the intensity of the sport. Who wouldn’t want to capture their skiing adventures?
  • Snorkeling: Because the camera can be submerged, it’s a great option to take with you if you’re planning on going snorkeling in some exotic place.
  • Diving: If you’re not diving too deep, this camera can be submerged in water of up to 30 meters. If you want to be able to get some footage of your adventures without having to dish out 100+ dollars for a fancy underwater camera, this is a good alternative.


Whether you want to invest in this type of dash camera for your motorcycle or for adventures, it’s one of the best options for its price. If you don’t have a whole lot to spend, but you want a reliable product, the FabQuaity is dependable.

It has some great features, offers excellent waterproof protection, and is priced affordably. You can use it for proof should accidents occur, protect your home by using it as a security device, or take it with you on your travels.

If you’re budget shopping for a dash cam, trust this option for your needs. It has all the components of pricier products but won’t hurt your pocket. From night vison to loop recording, it has the features you can depend on.

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