ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam: Get G Sensor Technology And GPS Tracker For An Amazing Price

ETTG 2.7″ TFT Screen HD Dash-Cam
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IT has become far more commonplace for people to have a dashcam in their cars today with almost 70 percent of motorists in the US using such a device.

We are not just talking about truck drivers and those who drive commercial vehicles. We are talking about everyday drivers and Moms who do the school run. As American highways continue to get a lot busier year on year it is seen that having an HD dash cam fitted in your vehicle is a vital part of keeping you and your passengers safe on the road.

HD dash cams are no longer seen as a luxury toy only the rich can afford. The market has become highly competitive now that drivers are becoming more aware of the advantages of owning such a device.

In this article, we feature the affordable ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam with GPS tracking system. It’s an excellent product that will give you everything you could possibly wish for.

Quick Overview

The ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam mountable HD car camera was actually first released on January 12th, 2016 and fast become one of the top-selling models in America.

Firstly, it is affordable which is always important and it is also compatible with a TF card up to 32GB. This device also has a GPS tracking system that records all the data on the cam with regards where you have travelled, at what speed and what date.

It also supports OBD-II support system. At this point, you may well be asking: What is an OBD-II support system? You are right to ask so basically such a system allows the dash cam to be connected to the OBD-II port on your car.

Most people still won’t know what an OBD-II port is so let us explain. It became law after 1995 for all vehicles that are manufactured in the US to be fitted with onboard diagnostic systems, hence the term OBD.

When the dash cam is connected, the screen will display a whole host of information such as speed, coolant temperature, any error code and engine load. Most recording devices do not come with OBD-II support so the face the ETTG model does should be seen as major plus point.

This device also comes with high-quality A7LA50 chipset technology which takes up less power but still manages to produce excellent video quality. It is able to record in full 1080P at 30 frames per second at a wide dynamic range which is good for reading license plate numbers and so on.

It also has G-senor and loop recording. It must be said that most devices have these features, to be fair you may think about avoiding other models if they don’t come with these features included.

The G-sensor acts as a motion detector so that whenever an object gets too close to your vehicle it will start recording and locks your most recent video footage. This is a good feature that it means you cannot delete or record over a video of an accident.


  • Has G-sensor and loop recording.
  • Is fully compatible with an OBD-II support system.
  • Has a GPS tracking system.
  • Compatible with a TF card up to 32GB
  • Records in full 1080P at 30 frames per second at a wide dynamic range


  • Some people have found that this device is not the best for nighttime use.
  • The built-in battery can sometimes overheat.

Product Specifications

It is able to record at a 160-degree wide angle has loop recording and also has night vision G-sensor Car DVR.The ETTG 2.7-inch TFT Screen HD Dash-Cam is good value for money and comes packed with loads of features.

When you buy this device, you will be impressed by the top quality level chipset A7LA50 which provides low power but still high-quality definition video compression which in turn gives a flawless recording.

The recording quality really is excellent thanks to it being in full 1080P HD at an impressive 30 frames per second by the six-glass lenses. It also features wide dynamic range using a 160-degree ultra wide angle lens.

ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash-Cam Camera Lense

One of the many benefits with this device is the loop recording feature which seamlessly continues recording,

If the memory card is full, it will automatically record over the old files this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The device also comes in a very well designed shell with 6 LED lights. It is compatible with an SD/MMC card up to 32GB.

For added security, this model comes with a G-Sensor motion detection function which means it will automatically detect and record when an object is too close to your car.

In addition to this, it will also automatically save and lock the current video file if it senses an accident. This is vital when trying to claim off your insurance or during a court case as the video evidence is protected.

This device can be contacted by using a USB or HMDI connector and has a battery capacity of 350 MAH. It normally takes roughly 3-hours to fully charge the battery.

ETTG 2.7" TFT Screen HD Dash-Cam Camera

If you decide to purchase this product then its measurement is 103x51x40 millimeters and it weighs 120-grams.

What Comes In The Box?

If you decide to go ahead and purchase this model then you can expect to receive a Car DVR dash cam along with a USB cable that comes in very handy for charging the device at home.

You simply have to connect it to a USB port and leave it to charge for around three hours before it is fully charged.

In addition to this, you will also receive an in-car charger which allows you to charge the cam when on your travels.

Also included will be a cam holder, 3M sticker and of course a manufactures user manual.

General Benefits And Advantages

It seems that more are more people are finally waking up to the advantages of owning HD car DVR system. There are so many benefits to be had from fitting such a device to your vehicle.

One of the main advantages is that you can keep yourself and your prized possession safe by being able to record everything that happens on your journeys. It can’t be enforced enough the peace of mind a dash cam gives you if you encounter any problems traffic related or otherwise while you are travelling.

With the highways getting increasingly busier and road users become far more impatient and reckless accidents do happen. Nobody wants an accident but at least when you have a dash cam fitted it will record the incident so that you have proof and video evidence of how the accident happened.

Some people may just want to record their journey but it will prove far more useful as evidence to report dangerous drivers.

If you decide to make a complaint to the police about a fellow road user who has driven in a dangerous manner then you are far more likely to get results if you have video footage.

Sometimes road users can become short-tempered, for whatever reason, and take it out on other people. In the event of being threatened or indeed robbed while you are out driving the cam can record the incident. More often than not if a person sees you have a dash cam they will think twice about making threats or carrying out an assault.

Most people will admit to not being good at parking their car but at least when they have a cam fitted it will help them to realize how close there are to other cars in the parking lot.

We all may think we are expert drivers but the truth is we all had to learn to drive at some point. A cam can be used as an excellent teaching device by driving instructors by using the recorded video as means of showing their pupils where they could improve their driving skills.

Suitable Uses

Prevent Insurance Fraud

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words with this in mind how much is a video worth?

Imagine you are involved in a road traffic accident and you manage to record the accident as it happens on your HD DVR car camera then that could be worth thousands of dollars.

Insurance fraud is big business for the crocks out there who set-up and carry out accidents for the sole purpose of fraudulently claiming off your insurance company.

As a result of this, your insurance premium is increased and you are out of pocket while they claim large sums of money.

If you can provide evidence through video footage of the accident happening, proving it was not your fault, then the insurance company far more likely to result in a verdict in your favor.

If the evidence is overwhelming then there is also a strong chance that the scammers will be prosecuted for their actions.

Evidence For Traffic Accidents

Pretty much the same above in the fact that a dash cam video recording can prove highly beneficial when you are trying to prove that you were not at fault for an accident.

While the accident may have been just that, an accident, people will try to shift the blame on to the other person.

If the case is to be heard in a court of law then video evidence will prove vital over an often sketchy eyewitness account.

Driver Training

Learning to drive can be tricky as you have to learn a multitude of new skills in a short space of time. Then you have to put them all together to produce a near flawless driving display.

Dash cams can prove to be an excellent learning aid for the instructor as he/she teaches their pupil the laws of the road.

By showing a pupil video footage of their driving performance it can be a constructive way of showing them their mistakes.

Anything that aids new drivers to perform better on our roads must be encouraged and applauded.

How Difficult Is It To Set Up And Use?

This HD DVR car camera is fairly straightforward to set up and to use. You have to charge the unit overnight to give it good first full-charge then you simply plug it in and follow the instructions.

The device comes with a user-friendly manufactures user-manual which is fairly simple to follow. Also, the cam holder is easy to place in the correct position.

A little tip is that if you use the OSD-II port then your engine will not need to be started to begin recording a video.

Is There Anything Else You Need To Know?

Some people have reported that the built-in battery on this model can sometimes become overheated. It must be noted that there is no temperature rating for this model. In normal circumstances, the average range in temperature for a dash cam to operate safely is between 10-120-degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature in the car goes above that then you need to switch the device off.


So, if you are looking to purchase a car DVR with G sensor then you need to seriously consider the merits of this model.

Firstly, such a device becoming increasingly popular for the many reasons stated above and secondly, this particular model is affordable as well as being high-spec.

If you decide to buy this device then you will be getting a serious piece of kit for the amount of money you will pay.

Just recap it has a GPS tracking system, is compatible with a TF card up to 32GB and also records in full 1080P at 30 frames per second at a wide dynamic range.

While this model has many excellent features the standout feature is its ability to connect to OSD-II port. Most dash cams on the market are lacking this feature, even the very expensive models.

So, what are you waiting for? After reading this article you surely have enough information to be confident of making the right buying decision that suits your motoring needs.

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