COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam: Front And Rear Recording At HD Quality

COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam
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There are many reasons to keep your safety in mind and being on the road is one of them. From bad weather to unsafe drivers, the dangers on the road are many and it’s important to keep yourself protected as much as possible.

Other drivers can be one of the biggest challenges for you as you are on the road. You may be a very careful driver, but are they? You always have to be aware of what’s going on when you’re in the car.

One way that you may try to stay safe is by making sure that you have full-coverage on your insurance. You may have the best company and all, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Because you never know who’ll you come in contact with while out driving, you could have issued should a collision occur.

Just as you don’t want to have trouble when it comes to your insurance, the other person in an accident doesn’t want to either. This often leads to false claims and if you don’t have any witnesses, it can be a challenge to prove otherwise.

Fortunately, there is something that can remove all doubts and provide you with proof should you find yourself in a similar predicament. A dash cam can record when an accident occurs, which can be more proof than photographs or bystander’s recounts could ever be.

From night vision recording to dual lens, G-sensors, and quality, there are several things to consider before buying this product. It can be a challenge to find the perfect one. You don’t want to spend money on junk, but how can you tell the difference?

Of course, there are a lot of different options to choose from, but a good one that you may like is the COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam.

COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam
COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam

Quick Overview

Why would you want to invest in the COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam? While it isn’t the fanciest, it has a lot of positives and good features that are worth it. First of all, it has a dual lens which helps you to get everything from the front or rear.

It also boasts of something called loop recording, which helps to keep you from having to mess with files. You don’t want to fuss with your camera and old footage? With COOFO Dual Lens, you won’t have to.

A G-sensor is found on the COOFO Dual Lens dash cam. This feature is probably one of the most important ones that any dash cam shopper should look for. Should an accident happen, a G-sensor will mean the footage isn’t going anywhere.

It also has wide-angle lens, so that you can capture more than just the lane that you’re in. If you’re swiped from the side, you can trust that the COOFO will capture it. You don’t have to worry about blind spots with this option.

The COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam also has night vision ability, which is also a feature that you would want. With WDR and a strong light exposure, your night footage will be some of the clearest that can be recorded on a dash cam. It also 4 IR LED lights which is key to good night footage.

A feature that isn’t often found on affordable dash cams is the built-in GPS. The GPS function will record your location, speed, and route which can help you in more ways than one. This baby also has parking monitoring. This means that you’ll be able to get unexpected moments that could happen in parking lots.

It also has a Car DVR system which ensures that the camera is always recording when the car is turned on. You can also view the footage on your smart phone with built-in WiFi. While the camera itself isn’t that big, you can still clearly see the footage on its screen. This can be convenient. Whether you want to run into a gas station for a minute and leave your car on, or you lend it to a friend, you can keep an eye on your vehicle through the app.

The dash cam has a USB port, a HDMI port, as well a mic and speaker. You can easily control the lights with buttons, as well. When it comes to convenient use, there really aren’t as great options as the COOFO. It makes it easy for you to do all sorts of things, so you can always be sure that your car is okay.

With all these convenient features, you could think that this option will cost you an exuberant amount of money. Fortunately, it’s priced accessibly, making it a favorite choice for many. If you’re looking for an accessibly priced dash camera that promises quality footage, why not choose the COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam? It really is one of the best dual camera dash cam choices you have.


  • It records both front and rear
  • It has built-in GPS
  • ​It’s priced fairly for its top features
  • ​It has good quality night vision features
  • ​It records clearly


  • It doesn’t include a memory card
  • The instructions are challenging to understand

The Most-Wanted Features

As you can see from our overview, the COOFO has some pretty cool features. It’s a great buy for those who don’t want to spend too much, but who want something reliable with the best technology around. The following features are some of the best ones that you could want on your dash cam, would you agree?

Night Vision

The COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam has top-quality night vision recording ability. This is a big must on your dash camera. An accident can happen at any time and not every dash camera boasts of such great, clear night footage.

Many options claim they have good night vision, but this one actually proves itself. You want to be sure to capture the license plate of the offending party. The COOFO will help you get clear footage of details, day or night. With special lights, the nighttime exposure on the COOFO is better than many other cameras on the market.


Being able to prove where you were at, your speed, and the time of the accident can go far in helping you to prove your innocence. Not every dash cam includes GPS, so this is quite an attractive feature. Although, you should be aware that GPS typically records your speed, so keep that in mind when driving.

A lot of people are fine without having GPS on their dash cams, but some people like being able to have all the information they need in one place, at all times.

Front and Rear View

An accident can come at you from any angle, so being able to get recording of the rear and front of your vehicle is important. This way, you can be sure that you’ll always have footage, no matter where you get hit. You may have a front view, but what happens when you get hit in the rear? It’s best to have both, and the COOFO is the perfect front and back dash cam.

Wide Angle Lens

In the same vein, if the dash cam doesn’t have wide angle lens, then it may not matter if you have rear and front cameras. You also want to get those typical blind spots. It would be a shame to go to show the recording, only to discover that the actual collision doesn’t show up. A wide-angle lens helps to ensure that you get good footage, no matter where you get hit from. Whether it’s from the right or left, front, or back, the COOFO will help you to be covered.


Always, always, always look for this feature when shopping. Whether you choose the COOFO Dual Lens Car Dash Cam or not, you want this option on your dash camera. It will ensure that you will get footage of an accident, should one happen. Its more important than almost any other feature, as it’s what will ensure that you have the proof you need should you need it.

Upon collision, the camera will automatically save the recording to ensure that it doesn’t get recorded over. What could give you more peace of mind than this?

Loop Recording

Loop recording is for those who just don’t have the time to worry about little details. Who has time to download file after file onto their computer? Not many people. Loop recording helps you to be able to forget about old footage, as the camera records over it.

Unless, you have old footage that you absolutely want to keep, you can leave it be and let it do what it wants.

Is It For You?

After reading all of the above information, could you be interested in the COOFO Dual Lens Dash Cam? It has a lot of fabulous features and seems like a pretty great buy. Consider the following before purchase:

· Is it legal in your state? Before you dish out some cash for a dash cam, you want to make sure that you’re allowed to use it where you live. It would be an unlucky situation to buy the camera, only to find out that you aren’t allowed to use it.

Also, be aware that some states do allow it, but without audio. The COOFO has an audio feature, so you’ll want to be sure to have it off if you live in one of these states.

Other states require you to have written permission by your passengers that allow you to record them. Are you willing to keep on top of these details? If so, then this dash cam is ideal for you.

· Do you need one with night vision? Maybe everyone wants night vision, but not every camera has it. Some people may not drive a lot at night or others don’t want to dish out the money for a dash cam with night vison. Is night vision important for you? If so, then you can’t go wrong with choosing the COOFO.

· Are you willing to spend up to more than $100 on your dash cam? The COOFO is very affordable for all the features that it includes. Not every camera has so many convenient features on it. So, even though you may have to spend more than usual, it’s worth it.

Most cheaper options average around 35-50 bucks, but their quality and features don’t compare to the COOFO. The COOFO doesn’t cost that much, in the end.

· What are the most important features to you? If you just want something that gets relatively clear footage during the day, you may not need a COOFO. But, if you’re going to spend money and want something that will get you the footage you need, the COOFO is a great bet.

From loop recording to the G-sensor, the features on the COOFO aren’t always found in just one camera. It’s one reason why many people choose this option. It promises value for a relatively low cost.


There are fancier options, yes. Is the COOFO perfect? Not necessarily. But, if you’re looking for an option that has the best features to be found at an affordable price, the COOFO is definitely a good bet for you. And at this price range you will struggle to find a better front and rear car camera recorder.

It gets clear footage, both day and night. It will capture and save accident footage and you don’t have to worry about playing with old files. For it’s low cost, convenience, and quality, you don’t have to worry about spending money on this option.

Your safety is important and not having to spend thousands or be troubled with false insurance claims is worth spending money. While not every dash camera is a good investment, the COOFO is, quite possibly, one of the best dual camera dash cam options.

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