Cobra CDR895D

Cobra CDR895D HD 1080p Dual Car Dash Cam Review

Cobra CDR895D HD 1080P
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Dash cams can serve as the perfect eyewitnesses to unexpected moments on the road. Police officers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, road trippers, and others who spend long periods of time driving often invest in dash cams to protect themselves and document evidence in the event of a collision. However, regardless of whether you are looking to invest in a video recording device for personal or financial security, or just a fun way to document your travels, it is important that you invest in a product that will produce reliable and high-quality footage.

Dual video recording devices, like the Cobra CDR895D HD 1080p dual dash cam, have started to gain popularity in recent years, with single channel products being marketed for their front and rear view lenses. This technology is great for those who want to record everything that is happening around their vehicles, including the road ahead, the road behind, and the peripherals. Though this product has some drawbacks, many consider the two-camera system a worthwhile investment.

Cobra CDR895D HD 1080p Dual Car Dash Cam Review
Cobra CDR895D HD 1080p Dual Car Dash Cam View

Product Features:

  • Dual camera system for HD front and rear recording (1080P and 720P)
  • Flexible 20ft rear camera extension
  • G-sensor for data protection in the event of a collision
  • Split screen viewing on a 2” LCD screen
  • Wide-angle view (160° for the front camera and 130° for the rear)
  • Lane Departure and Forward Collision warnings
  • Parking Mode

Product Specifications:

The Cobra CDR895D HD 1080P Dual offers wide angle, high definition views for simultaneous dual camera recording (front: 30FPS 1080P/160°, rear: 720P/130°). The 20ft extension for the rear camera allows you to either mount it to your front windshield for in-cab recording or mount it on your back windshield facing the road behind your vehicle. The 2” LCD screen can display both camera views in split screen, while two separate files will be saved to your memory card. Cobra CDR895D device also comes with a 16GB micro SD card and adapter and is configured for loop recording.


  • Two video recording devices hosted by one small body, for simultaneous front and rear recording.
  • G-sensor will anticipate a collision and save/backup files to prevent damage and corruption.
  • Flexible 20ft rear camera extension allows you to either record in-cab footage or record the road behind your vehicle by placing it on the back windshield.


  • The small 2” split-screen makes it difficult to preview the recording
  • Poor night visibility
  • Driver alerts (like lane departure and collision warning) do not offer much value as these features often alert you too late
  • 16 GB memory does not offer much storage
  • Unlike other Cobra video recording devices, this one does not offer GPS or Wi-Fi capabilities
  • High price point

Is Cobra CDR895D the Right One?

While Cobra is a reputable brand, and the dual video recording system is a huge feature, we gave Cobra CDR895D product a lower ranking compared to some of the other devices that we have received mainly due to its high price point in comparison to its overall features.

In general, dual video recording devices are much more expensive than single lens devices because of the advanced technology needed to host multiple cameras through the same channel. In some ways, Cobra CDR895D device is comparable to the Vantrue dual HD dashboard camera, except that the Vantrue device offers infrared night vision and larger storage capacities.

For this reason, if budget and value are a top priority for you, you may prefer a more affordable, single lens dash cam. Many single lens video recorders, like the Lecmal 2.5 inches HD and the Btopllc HD 1080P, offer some of the other great features that this product provides—like the parking mode, wide-angle HD view, and G-sensor—for a fraction of the cost. With these products, you can get a great value that will allow you to maximize your return on your investment, however, you will lose the dual video recording feature from a single convenient device.

Because of this tradeoff, if the dual device is a huge selling point for your needs, then this product is still a good option that gives you the flexibility to either use your rear camera to record the road behind you or shoot some in-cab footage. Many bloggers, road-trippers, and radio sing-a-longers like the flexibility that this product offers, by giving you a chance to record multiple angles, of both the road and your passengers. For security and liability purposes, having the added visibility of the second camera can also be a valuable investment. If this sounds like the kind of device you have been looking for, then buy it today to finally end your search!

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