Cloud Capable Car Cameras Compared: BlackVue vs. Thinkware

Cloud computing is one of the best platforms. It provides various services through the internet. It includes the multiple tools and applications like data storage, server databases, as well as networking and software.

In the current market debate for two channels that is Thinkware F800 Pro vs.BlackvueDR750S, both are the topmost product in the market .cameras of both product is superior.

Cloud connectivity is the best feature of high-end dashboard cameras support. The cloud is helping to connect the modify servers with the help of an internet hot spot in your car. Cloud –capable dashcam permits to access the remote for live footage video and also the real-time track of vehicles so get the immediate notifications of current place & download the most important videos remotely .this is one of the best characteristics for parents of Youngers, fleet manager and even those easy to concern with the security of their vehicles.

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Only two dashcam manufacturer permits for cloud connectivity one is Thinkware and another is BlackVue. The BlackVue DR900S introduces the 1st 4K video quality of dashcam to enter the market and also the Thinkware Q800PRO introduces the best car parking mode recording in-dash cameras on the upgraded market. These dual cameras have smartphone and Wi-Fi integration, it also a huge Micro SD card capacity its construct sensor for motion & impact detection. The dash cams are special for quality video recording, to record the license plates with crisp images quality.


The dashcam is continually connected with the internet .you will require to connected a portable Wi-Fi hotspot in your car. And also use the SIM card for the wireless operator.

 Wi-Fi hotspot:

Entertain your passengers and turn your car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that connects up to 10 devices, allowing them to stream, surf, and game on the road. Your Wi-Fi Hotspot can start as soon as your car does and is powered by Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network.

BlackVue Cloud – Overview

BlackVue Cloud is beneficial for mobile or car-embedded Internet connection and a BlackVue dashcam, BlackVue Over the cloud connects you to your car through the Cloud. Using the BlackVue application on your smartphone or tablet, you can view the real-time location of your car and what is happening around it.

BlackVue Cloud: Remote Viewing from Anywhere

BlackVue Over the cloud is BlackVue-exclusive & open-source platform to operate anywhere, anytime, from the BlackVue application. Create your BlackVue on the cloud account is an easy and open source. After creating your account, register on the cloud –compatibles BlackVue & set it up to connect a hotspot.

The features of BlackVue Cloud:

  1. Remote live viewing
  2. Receive a notification when an impact is detected (while driving or in parking mode)
  3. Receive a notification when cloud connectivity is lost
  4. Store and playback video in the cloud
  5. GPS tracking (also available for fleets)
  6. Voice communication with the driver

An account is required for using BlackVue’s cloud service. They do offer for a free account and also permit to do those things

  • 10 minutes of live streaming per day
  • Connection to one BlackVue cam
  • 5 GB of cloud storage
  • 100 video downloads per month.

It also required additional options like more bandwidth & every day viewing the time or the capacity to connect the several dash cams to one account, then you can be paid the upgraded one time password. For example, for $10/ months you get ultimate live streaming, and for $20/months you connect up to 3 BlackVue cameras.

That is the most important thing for the free account is possibly sufficient for most private users.

BlackVue Cloud –Compatible Cameras

The following BlackVue dashcam can connect to the cloud:

  • DR900S series
  • DR750S series
  • DR650S series
  • DR650GW series (only models manufactured after April 2015)

Thinkware Cloud – Overview

You can check your vehicle’s location and receive notifications directly on your compatible iOS /Android smartphone. Thinkware Cloud uses your smartphone’s internet connection to send and receive notifications.

Connecting via Hotspot (Android)

  1. Open the Thinkware Cloud App and Tap the “Not Connected” Bar.
  2. Select Add a New Connection> (Dash Cam Model)>Hotspot>First Time Connecting –Yes.
  3. Press the Dash Cam’s Wi-Fi Button.
  4. Connect to the Thinkware Wi-Fi Network the reopen the Thinkware Cloud App.
  5. Press next and input your phone’s Hotspot SSID (username) and password
  6. Reopen the Thinkware Cloud App and Press Next.
  7. Turn on your phone’s Hotspot in settings and do not leave this settings screen.
  8. Once the Blue Bar appears at the top of the screen saying 1 Connection, Open the Thinkware Cloud App.
  9. You are now connected via Hotspot

Thinkware Cloud: The Newcomer

Thinkware is implemented on cloud service a short period ago, with the release of the Thinkware F800 Pro in late 2017. They do not offer video streaming at this time.

Features of Thinkware cloud:

  1. Receive a notification when an impact is detected while driving or parked
  2. Locate vehicle (also available for fleets): Receive the exact GPS location of your vehicle(s) on a map, along with driving direction and speed
  3. Geo-fencing: Receive an alert when your car leaves a predetermined area

Thinkware F800 Pro Vs. BlackVue DR750S

  • Comparing Video Quality

Both Thinkware & BlackVue offers comparable clarity in daylight, although the Thinkware F800 is sharper images at night.

  • Important design features

Thinkware product is an advance brand design while BlackVue is similar dimensions to its previous model design.

Thinkware shape is narrow body & shorter height but BlackVue is permitted to 360 degrees of rotation, while Thinkware permits to 90 degrees of rotation.

  • Camera’s User interface

It is the very biggest difference between 2 cameras BlackVue is 2 controls on the camera body a Wi-Fi button located on the right side & a touch sensor on the left side. The Wi-Fi button turns it on & off mode and it will also format the card. But Thinkware F800 Pro is a total 5 Button it is individually labeled.

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