Best WIFI Dash Cams 2022 – The Astonishing Winner is here..

In the 21st century, the products which run on wifi or means wifi connected devices are becoming very popular. Before we start talking about the best wifi dash cams, let’s see what is wifi and how does it work in short.

Let’s not kid about you not upgrading your car with safety as well as Hi-tech gadgets. You can find a tech in almost all products these days so why not Dash Cam?

How about we start from scratch? Let’s learn some new stuff about WIFI technology first and then unbiased reviews by our “car guys”.

What is WIFI and How does it work?

Basically, WIFI is a technology that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity. A WiFi connection is established using a wireless adapter to create hotspots – areas in the vicinity of a wireless router that is connected to the network and allow users to access internet services.

Best WIFI Dash Cams


Like mobile phones, a WiFi network makes use of radio waves to transmit information across a network. The computer should include a wireless adapter that will translate data sent into a radio signal.

This same signal will be transmitted, via an antenna, to a decoder known as the router. Once decoded, the data will be sent to the Internet through a wired Ethernet connection.

Like other devices, Dashcam also has integrated WIFI in some cameras. WIFI in a dashcam is very convenient to handle set; it means you can easily review or download video files directly to your phone or computer.

Best WIFI Dash Cams 2022

This will help you narrow down your search before diving into the reviews!

Product Image Product

Ssontong Mini

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Roav by Anker

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DDPai Mini2

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Vantrue X3

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Best WIFI Dash Cams 2022 – Reviews by our top-notch tech team.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best wifi cash cams for the year 2022.

#1. Ssontong Mini – (89/100)

Ssontong Mini Car Dashboard Camera Review
Buy on Amazon: Ssontong Mini

If talking about wifi dash cam then let’s start with Ssontong Mini Car Camera. It’s a budget dash cam with a full package.

Talking about its camera quality then the Ssontong Mini Car Camera provides 1080p visuals at 30 fps with a 170° wide-angle lens. This dashcam comes with the best feature like Auto Record. Once the vehicle powers on, it will auto record. Automatically shuts off when the vehicle is turned off.

Highly-sensitive G-sensor powered automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision or crash is detected. Support car parking mode. Auto recording when there is motion in front of the camera, you can turn it OFF/ON and adjust the Sensitivity.

The package includes 1 dashcam, 1 Car Charger with USB interface, 1 Suction Mount, 1 USB Cable, and a User Manual. SD card is not included in the package, you have to buy it(SD card must be original with Class 10 speed and in high quality).

#2. Roav by Anker – (85/100)

Roav by Anker Review - 1080p c2 dash camera
Buy on Amazon: Roav by Anker

Anker’s new “Roav” products are designed to help and make your car safer and smarter. This is also a budget camera that comes with some awesome features.

Roav by Anker comes with a 1080P SONY EXMOR camera, it provides 1080p visuals at 30 fps with a 145° wide-angle lens. Equipped with a G-sensor to detect sudden jolts, such as a car bumping into yours, and instantly start recording. This will record a 30-second clip anytime it detects the movement of your car while parked.

Advanced NightHawk technology, world-class F1.9 Glass lenses, and a unique Wide Dynamic Range video system provide the ideal nighttime capture.

The Package included Roav DashCam A1, 1-Port Car Charger, Suction Mount, Micro USB cable, Trim Removal Tool, User Manual, Happy Card, with 12-month product replacement warranty and friendly customer service. This package does not include an SD card (A Class 10, 32GB micro SD / TF card (not included) is required as lower-class cards may damage the product. A 64GB or 128GB card should be formatted in the dashcam before using. ), So you have to buy it separately.

#3. DDPai Mini2 – (75/100)

DDPai Mini2 Review - wi-fi dash cam 1440p
Buy on Amazon: DDPai Mini2

DDPai Mini2 is another Ultra HD 2k resolution dashcam of MINE. The camera captures in 4-megapixel and provides 1080p HD resolution to the users. WDR technology helps in image stabilization and maintaining adequate brightness in the video, helping get quality night vision too

The 6G lens of the cam comes with motion detection and a high-quality G-sensor that records videos and saves them automatically.

It has Loop Recording by default. DDPai provides G-sensor ( sensitivity adjustable ) for auto-detection & collision latch. Time Lapse 1FPS recording for parking mode can significantly cover a much longer recording time; the Remote snapshot button captures picture/10S video conveniently.

The package includes 1x Mini2 Dashcam, 1x Micro USB Cable(3meters), 1x Remote button, 1x 2port USB Car Charger, 1x Pry bar, 1x 3m double-sided tape for Dashcam and remote button, Micro USB cable, Remote Control and Pry bar, DDPai Welcome Card and User Manual in English.

#4. Vantrue X3 – (80/100)

Vantrue X3 Review - x3 1440px wifi
Buy on Amazon: Vantrue X3

Vantrue X3 WIFI is the one best WIFI dashcam. As compared to another WIFI dashcam the price of the Vantrue X3 is a little high but you can afford that easily.

Vantrue X3 records in 1440p at 30 frames per second, or 1080p (or 720p) at 60 frames per second. Because of the 170-degree field view, you can see everything in front of your car. Supports up to 5 mobile phones connect to the dashcam at the same time.

Let’s talk about its design. Vantrue gives X3 an outstanding design. It is a sleek, all-black finish device that turns eyes and complements any type of dashboard. The controls are placed smartly to help you navigate the menu. Vantrue gives a large 2.7 TFT screen which offers you a flawless view of your photo or video capture.

In short, you have to payless auto insurance and this is a witness for accidents and insurance claims. This camera is perfect for taxis, Uber, Lyft drivers, commuters, and families.

The Package included 1 Vantrue X3 Wifi Dashcam, 1 Car Charger (About 10ft), 1 USB Cable (About 3ft), 1 User Manual, 1 Quick Guide, 1 Share Card. As usual Vantrue also not provide an SD card for this dash cam, you have to buy it separately.

#5. AUTO-VOX D6 Pro – (83/100)

AUTO-VOX D6 Pro Review - 1080p wifi dash cam
Buy on Amazon: AUTO-VOX D6 Pro

This Auto-Vox D6 vehicle dashcam has built-in WIFI and interfaces with your phone. As with other WIFI dash cams, the Auto-Vox settings are controlled via an app that interfaces with the camera itself, which offers a superior operating experience.

It has some awesome features like just waving your hand under the dashcam to take photos. It’s a 300-degree rotating angle that ensures capturing the best images from different angles during the journey.

AUTO-VOX D6 also has G-sensor and a loop recording function. These features also you can adjust via App. AUTO-VOX D6 provides 1920*1080P Ultra HD video quality and also gives you clear images at night.

The Package included 1 AUTO-VOX D6 Dashcam, 1 Car Charger (About 10ft), 1 USB Cable (About 3ft), 1 User Manual, 1 Quick Guide, 1 Share Card.

Let’s Wrap up…

Hope you got the right and perfect WIFI dashboard camera for your car. As you all know safety comes first in any situation (if you know what I mean). Be smart. Upgrade your car with cool gadgets, Hi-tech stuff, and safety features.